As an editor I bring with me an enormous amount of experience. From cutting music video to television commercials it is about balancing style with engaging content.

I also know the technical and legal world of post-production especially broadcast commercials inside out. But above all else I love to tell a story in an edit.

Several short films have gained places in festivals internationally. But the same ability to cut something interesting and informative can also be seen in the most complex of corporate communication briefs.

If you’ve got Final Cut Studio, Avid or After Effects, I can make it sing and dance. I am a versatile creative editor with a strong sense of design and a flair for composition. If you want funky, I can do funky. I also have a lot of experience combining edits with other facets of post-production working alongside sound designers, motion graphics compositors and animators.

Above all, I’m great with people. I’ve handled all sorts of clients in a variety of situations and worked with rooms full of acccount handlers, producers, directors and edit assistants within edits before. It is all about being the bridge of understanding between what's on the screen and what the people in the room want to achieve.

I look forward to working with and learning from new and exciting people all the time as I branch out into new teams. There is always something to learn!